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Homeopath For Kingston upon Thames

Nicky Rice

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Homeopath for Hampton, Kingston, Teddington and Twickenham areas.


I first entered the health care profession in the late 1970’s as a student nurse at Westminster Hospital, qualifying 3 years later as a Registered General Nurse. I worked in a range of fields including intensive care, coronary care, gynaecology, orthopaedics and casualty.

My heart though was always in the area of alternative medicine and completed a 4 year course at the London College of Homeopathy attaining a Diploma in Homeopathy in 1991.During that time I also gained a Certificate in the Advancement of Counselling

In the late 1990’s I became interested in Reiki and felt it would be an ideal accompaniment to homeopathy for those open to this method of healing. I studied Reiki with passion and gained my Reiki Mastership in 1998. Eager to explore the fascinating world of Healing, I was drawn to a very pure form of healing known as Gaia Healing which I have studied and practiced in great depth for the last 10 years. For a fuller explanation of all these methods of healing, please look under the appropriate subheadings on my homepage.


I have been practising homeopathy for over 23 years.

Like most subjects that you study and embrace in your life it is always a fluid experience. The study of Homeopathy never ended on completion at my homeopathy college, but paradoxically started once I gained my qualification. It became an epic journey that has no ending. Like the remedies I use it has its own vital force that intensifies every time I make a quantum leap in my understanding of homeopathy. There are literally thousands of homeopathic remedies that can be used in practice. Each remedy has its own story to impart which has been made all the more poignant once prescribed to my patients. Nothing makes a remedy become more real than seeing how uniquely each remedy reveals an aspect of itself once prescribed to someone that requires its properties. No one person will have the same response, but will take from it whatever that remedy has to offer to them at that particular point in their lives. I use new remedies as well as the tried and tested remedies of Samuel Hahnemann, founder of Homeopathy in 18th Century and my approach is quite eclectic always remembering that we in the 21st century are very different people to those that were around in Hahnemann’s day. Different pressures, different stresses and different diseases expressed in a very different way, requiring fresh remedies that reflect the human conditions of today.

Some of my years experience has included 12 years at Kingston University's Health Centre, both as a Homeopath and Reiki Master, treating students from a vast array of cultures and backgrounds and, of course their lecturers and professors too. I have loved every minute of it and I can’t think of a more exciting place in which to enable people to reach their optimum level of being. I also practice from my home which is a quiet, yet friendly place to facilitate people to open up and share some of their deepest emotions in a safe and peaceful environment. Please refer to the subheading 'personal sample cases' to demonstrate a few of the experiences I have encountered in practice.

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