Nicky Rice

Homeopath For Kingston upon Thames

Nicky Rice

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Homeopath for Hampton, Kingston, Teddington and Twickenham areas.


JS from Windsor says:
'Homeopathy worked instantly for me. It addressed symptoms that I had experienced for some time which could not be cured by conventional medical treatment. Nicky is a skilled and intuitive homeopath highly experienced in what she does. I'm a believer!'

AP from Hackney says:
The homeopathic remedies Nicky has prescribed for me have worked wonders. She's understanding, makes you feel at ease and her insight never ceases to amaze me!

EM from Wimbledon says:
Thank you so much for all your help and inspiration! It really has changed my life for the better. Despite my occasional 'logical' moments, I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to benefit from homeopathy and I will continue to recommend you to anyone who will listen!!

AL from Ashtead says:
You gave me a remedy when I was with you and by the time I got home, I felt amazing! My husband said 'OMG What has she given you? You are looking so much better. You are standing straighter, your eyes are sparkling and you are looking younger!' By the end of the day he told me that he felt he had got his wife back! Thank you so much!

FE from Kingston says:
'I was always open minded to the idea of alternative therapies and decided to try homeopathy. I have been one of Nicky's patients for over four years now and she has helped me in so many ways. She's encouraged me to make the best of myself and my life, and my general health is better than it's ever been as a result. I have never hesitated in recommending her to people and she now treats lots of my friends and family. I'd like to thank her for all she's done for me, and hope she'll treat me for many years to come!'

TK from Chessington says:
I just wanted to say thank you for ''homeopathy''. It has helped me enormously and I am evangelising about it to (almost) everybody! Homeopathy has certainly changed this person's life!!

LK from Surbiton says:
Homeopathy has proven to be an invaluable source of remedy for me both physically and mentally. I had very limited knowledge and belief in the workings and benefits of homeopathy prior to my first appointment with Nicky but since seeing the desired results, I would recommend Nicky and homeopathy to anyone looking to find a natural resolve to anything from a cold sore to deeper and more personal issues.

FJ from Epsom says:
I first started seeing Nicky when I was going through a very difficult time in my life, having to deal with the sudden death of a person very close to me. I never had Reiki Healing before and I hoped it would help me with my grief and confusion. I had no idea what to expect and was amazed by the powerful, loving and peaceful effect the session had on me, and what was initially supposed to be a one off session out of curiosity turned into many years of regular healing, homeopathy treatment and spiritual development.

Through Nicky I came to understand that a dis-ease always has a deeper cause and meaning within ourselves, and we really need to become aware of these root causes and consider the wholeness of the body, mind and spirit to achieve long-term healing.
It is all a very far cry from the impersonal,' quick-fix and out the door 'approach of our current conventional medical system, and I consider myself very lucky to have found my own personal "doctor". I like to call her my medicine-woman (... yes Nicky, its true!!) who I know very well, trust fully and who has cured and guided me through many challenges in all aspects of life, not only physical health, but anything really, from relationships to career issues, from fears to confidence problems and all those other confusions and hurdles that keep on coming along on life's path.
In the sessions with Nicky and also the spiritual development group I have found a very special, safe and loving haven, where it is possible to explore the wonderful world of spirituality and grow immensely personally.

NF from Cumbria says:
Many thanks for the treatment and help you have given me over the last few months. My general health has improved dramatically and my energy levels have improved to a very satisfactory level since I started taking the remedies.

CS from North London says:
Nicky has not only helped me hugely over the past few years through homeopathy, she has taught me about always seeing things from a positive angle. She has a calming presence so you always leave with all those worries in perspective, plus she has a wicked sense of humour so there's no way you will go without a smile! "When my soul wanted 'out', Nicky coaxed it back into my body." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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