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Homeopath For Kingston upon Thames

Nicky Rice

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Homeopath for Hampton, Kingston, Teddington and Twickenham areas.


Gaia Healing is the next stage beyond Reiki and is one octave higher than the vibrational frequency than Reiki.

As a Gaia Healer I am able to channel the purest frequencies of Gaia, the earth healing ray. It works on all dimensions to clear and transmute stuck or misqualified energy.

These special healing energies come directly from our planetary system and is a beautiful and powerful system of energy healing and personal transformation that consists of 15 sacred healing rays that come through the gaia healer's hands in whatever way is appropriate and for the highest good of the individual.


This pure vibrational energy gently infuses your whole being with light.
It has its own inherent Divine Intelligence and therefore goes exactly where it needs to work for each individual.
It will filter down to the lower physical energies of the body where dis-ease or stress may be held and transmute these lower stuck frequencies up to a level that is harmonious to the individual. For example it helps to clear blocks that our inhibiting your progression in life.

It can enable you to let go of old outmoded patterns that no longer serve you.
Each person receiving Gaia will experience this loving energy that is right for them, for their highest divine good.
After a series of healing sessions, people generally find it much easier easier to let go of old mental and emotional patterns


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