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Nicky Rice

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Homeopath for Hampton, Kingston, Teddington and Twickenham areas.


We've all had past lives.

And we have all had experiences of meeting someone for the first time who we immediately have had an adverse or strong reaction to. The truth is that virtually everyone we have had a close association with, will have played a part in one or many of our past lives. We get drawn to the same people again and again and they will almost certainly include our family, friends and lovers, including certain people in the work place and community. When we have recurring patterns and feel drawn like a magnet to particular people who cause us more problems than good, we need to look at and clear our past life associations to these people, events and trauma. Generally the right life is presented for what the person is currently dealing with. If there has been unfinished business from a previous life these people may show up as our parents, children or lovers, so it is up to us to resolve these issues once and for all.

Clearing our past lives can wipe the slate clean thus enabling us to have a more enriching experience with these people or enable us to break the bonds and finally move on, whichever is most appropriate. These are all stored and imprinted in our unconscious, which can be cleared using a simple technique to discover our past lives. By getting into a relaxed state using an effective breathing technique that disengages the mind and the ego, we can access these past lives.

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