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This section is to demonstrate the various ways in which homoeopathy can be effectively used. Below are a selection of abridged cases that I have dealt with in my homoeopathic practice with kind permission from these patients.

Case 1

FB 20 year old female student.

PRESENTING Very painful, heavy periods since 15 years of age. Menarche 11 yrs old. All well, regular, minimal pain. At 15 became bad and have become progressively worse.. Took various types of ‘the pill’ , but stomach became bloated and ankles swollen. 3 out of 4 weeks in pain, varying from dull and uncomfortable to not being able to get out of bed the pain is so bad. During period, pain is at its worst. The pain stops 2/3 days after her period.

Libido much affected. No desire for sex
Describes pain as like a weight being pulled down her inside with severe back pain, better for warmth, lying down and being completely still. Takes codeine regularly as pain relief.

Had a laparoscopy and everything was normal.

Other issues:

Bouts of depression in teen years with episodes of bullying at school

IBS for last 9 months

Character: Likes Logic, for things to be right and organised. Describes herself as responsible and generally reliable

PX. Carc 200c x3 over 24 hours

Sepia 1M weekly

Follow Up 1 month later

No pain leading up to period. Period continued to be painful, like she was going to give birth.

Felt a lot less stressed and more relaxed this month. Felt a bit more understanding and tolerant.

PX Tub 1M weekly

Sepia 1M weekly

Follow up.

Felt moody and depressed 1st couple of weeks, but then much better. More tolerant of boyfriend. Not shouting at him. But feels she wants her own space and yet can feel lonely

Period 16 days late, heavy, crampy, felt faint. ONLY a couple of days of pain.

Energy levels better.

PX Syph 1M 3 x over 24 hours

Natrum Mur 10 M weekly

No longer getting pain 3 out of 4 weeks, just during her period. Heavy dark clots. Some abdominal bloating and wind, but IBS much better.

PX Lycopodium 200c weekly

Felt very good up until a week ago. Chesty, yellow mucous ++++

Period much less pain . No clots. Flow lighter

FB continued to make progress over coming months. Energy better, Pain throughout month disappeared. Would get mild pain at period, but not in the out of proportion way that she used to.

Case 2.

GJ. Female aged 41. 3x married. 3 children. Boyfriend of 2 years. Raised as a Jehovahs Witness, but left 2 years ago.

PRESENTING Depression/ Anxiety. On anti depressants. Felt she had been in a sect that adopted mind control

Allergy to trees and grass. Lost her sense of smell a year ago. Developed hives all over her body, for which she took claityn. MRI scan 6 weeks ago. Loss of taste

Other issues: ‘Problem’ with muscles. ‘Burning’ inside for years. Getting worse. Feels as if muscles tearing away from bone and skin. At 2-4 years of age, lived close to a Nuclear Power Station.

Character. A good mother, willpower not good. Cautious of people. Doesn’t feel comfortable in crowds. Suffers with mild anxiety. Finds it hard to have feelings. Doesn’t do ‘anger’. Feels a lot of hurt from her husband dying, her mother disowning her when she was growing up.

Concussion 5 years ago from RTA . Disc in neck comes out. Seeing Osteopath.

PX Rad Brom 30c daily for 5 days.

Carc 10M weekly x4. WSS 200c weekly x4.

Follow Up 1 month later.

Can smell a little more every day. No anxiety attacks. ‘Burning’ in muscles not as bad.

PX Plutonium 200c SD. Syph 10M daily 3 days then weekly

Now been able to smell completely for the last month

Reducing the amount of anti depressants she takes

Sugar Craving she has in past, improved. Feels better in her work environment

Crying a lot more. Getting more angry with boyfriend. Not as timid a she was. Feels more herself. Hasn’t felt like this for years

‘Burning’ muscle sensation continues to improve.

PX Lac Hum 6c daily

Follow Up 1 month later

Feels more in the moment. Responding more appropriately to her emotions. Crying when she needs to, expressing anger when it surfaces.

Only taking anti depressants once a week now.

Bad cold 3 weeks ago. Now has metallic taste in mouth and flabby tongue.

PX Merc Sol 200c SD. WSS 10M weekly

Continues to improve. Completely off anti depressants. Smell sense completely restored. Feels that ‘life is wonderful’

Case 3
TL Male Age 30. 2nd Year Student Aerospace engineering

PRESENTING Dyslexia. Low self esteem. Hates everything about himself. Thinks he is ‘useless, thick, ugly, the most worthless human being in the world’. Difficulty communicating with people

Big fear of failure. Fear of cancer.

Anxious, petrified.

Irrational Fears. Thinks he was going to be called up for war. Checks the papers constantly for crisis, conflicts and struggle

Very sensitive. A pacifist. Cares more about other people than himself. Fears the worst. Paranoia about prepaing people for their deaths.

Thoughts of suicide.

Bullied at school. 5 years of ‘hell’

Loves his spirit and all the views he stands for. Everything else he hates.

Attended a school for’ slow learners.’ Everything he does takes 10x as long as other people. Loves technology, star wars. Wants to go into space research.

Terrible short term memory.

Physical Health: Lots of bad colds that last for months. Always been very catarrhal.

PX Med Am 200c x 3 over 24 hours. Thuja 30c daily for 1 week. Thymus Gland 1M weekly

Follow Up 1 month later

‘Absolutely brilliant.’ Knocked a lot of irrationality out of him. Noticed a difference after a couple of days of taking the remedies. Highs still there but not such dramatic lows or depressions. Able to control bad thoughts . Felt like a guardian angel inside of him. Much more laid back.

Weird dreams about arguing and falling out with parents. He says his upbringing was fine

No longer reads the newspapers. Enjoying his studies more. Revisng is more pleasant.

Still finds it difficult talking to people, an introvert, but more of a spring in his feet and conversations have improved.

No thought s of suicide. Self esteem still low.

Anxiety about forthcoming exams.

Px Syph 1M weekly x4. Jet 3x daily. Combination remedy: Anac/ Ambra Grisea/ Arg Nit 12 x taken for exam nerves

Follow Up 1 month later

No anxiety about exams.

Has a fear of dying, either himself or people in his life dying.

Getting more positive feedback from people. Feels he’s integrating the parts of himself that he’d cut off

Px Stramonium 10M weekly x 4. Buddleia 30c weekly x 4

Follow Up 1 month later

Much more energy. Able to do more exercise, swimming and running. More confidence in his approach to things.

Self image ‘dismissed it’! Can see a huge difference in himself as can his family and friends.

No longer scans newspapers for war and conflict.

This case clearly demonstrates the efficacy of homoeopathy on mental and emotional disturbance and how it can literally turn around the way people see themselves and indeed view the world they live in


LM female Age 42. Musician- Cello Player.

PRESENTING. Excema on hands for last 18 months. Affecting her ability to play music. Excema worse left thumb and left index finger. Unable to bend finger because of it Very itchy, thick layer of skin comes off, goes red, yellow under skin and will ooze a bit. Also corner of eyes affected by excema and itchy.

Constantly plays with her hair

Otherwise healthy

CHARACTER. Shy, hates formality. A very protective nature around her own kids. Gets profoundly affected by them if they are upset by anything.

PX Tub 30c x 3 over 24 hours. Sulphur 6c daily for 7 days. Sycotic co 200c weekly x4

Follow up. Had a cold, sore throat and cough 2 weeks ago. Still recovering. No flare ups at all on hands. Skin tight and dry on thumb and finger.

Slight itching corner of eyes.

Px Medorrhinum 200c x 3 over 24 hours. Black Obsidian 30c daily

Follow Up . Excema on hands and eyes completely cleared up. Complete mobility in fingers. Can now play the cello freely, free of discomfort.


Case 5.
WA Female Age 22. Research Assistant

PRESENTING Panic attacks and general anxiety becoming worse in the last year. History of claustrophobia particularly underground tubes and lifts. Attacks occur a couple of times a week. Becomes fidgety, restless and tight chested and can last up to half an hour- not to do with anything. Fears these anxious episodes. Feels that they get in the way of her achieving. Rarely happen socially. Finds them annoying because she is so organised and plans everything meticulously. Very tidy. A perfectionist. Quite vain. Can spend loads of money on clothes. Doesn’t like being on her own.

Generally healthy physically. Had termination 10 months ago.

PX Syph 30c x 3 over 24 hours. Arsencum 200c weekly x 4

Follow Up 1 Month later A lot better. Not completely gone. Frequency and intensity of panic attacks diminished. Restlessness much better. Has felt a bit anxious a couple of times, but only lasts a few minutes. Can put it to the back of her mind and carries on. Applying for new jobs and felt remarkably calm.

Px Tub 30c weekly. Arsenicum 1M weekly

Follow up 1 month later. Doing fine. Thriving on challenges. Mild anxiety present at times and becomes worse if she thinks about it. Will occur in situations where she needs to make a good impression or when she cant get out of an awkward situation. Can get shortness of breath and afeeling of wanting to be sick. Very self confident. Wants to be the best and knows that she can be.

PX Calc carb 200c SD. Arsenicum 1M

Follow Up 1 month later

Feels very well. Started new job. Panics much better. A gradual thing. One at a meeting, but lasted only a few minutes. No nausea, or shortness of breath

Case 6 RJ Female Age 24

Severe shooting pains in legs. First noticed problems at school 11 years ago playing hockey. Knees achey and joints grinding, always worse with tiredness.

18 months ago started to train for marathon. Felt no mobility in ankles. Developed muscle ‘grinding’ in shoulders. Shooting pains from neck up to head. Feels she cant support her head. HO whiplash from car accident. Parents separated at age 3, lived with father, not seen her mother since split. States she is prone to depression and holds a lot inside. Energy fair, tires easily

Px Hypericum 200c x 3 over 24hours. Thuja 1M weekly

1st 3 days all symptoms got worse, then everything got better. All physical symptoms cleared up. No niggles ‘First time ever!’ Energy better than it was.

Continued to have treatment for 3 further months and her physical symptoms steadily improved during this period.

Case 7
AC Female age 42 Teacher. Single

PRESENTING ‘Feels like I have a virus’ and returns again and again. First started 4 years ago. General malaise, headaches, low grade throat infection, chesty. Feels weak, lethargic, feels worse end of winter. Feet very cold. Spends long hours in front of computer. Always has a runny nose. Pain in bones. Lower back problems, stiffness general aches, difficulty bending. Joint pains

Menopause commenced at 40. Taking HRT

Tests carried out by GP all returned negative.

When she is at home alone, worries and anxieties surface

PX Plutonium 200c stat. Black Obsidian 30c daily 7 days then one weekly

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