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Nicky Rice

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Homeopath for Hampton, Kingston, Teddington and Twickenham areas.


Nicky started her own spiritual development group five years ago. This group now meet on a regular basis, and has proven to be a very successful platform from which individuals can share their day to day experiences and learn tools to facilitate their own unique spiritual journeys. We always include a meditation at the start of each session. It is a fun, enlivening experience and you will always come away feeling inspired and excited about what you have learnt and eager to incorporate the exercises into your day to day life.


AP from Hackney says:

I can't tell you the difference seeing Nicky for spiritual development has made. I was aware something was missing in my life and this was it. 18 months on and the change I've experienced is incredible. I'm more confident, relaxed, enthusiastic and excited about the opportunities life has to offer.

In essence the group is an exploration of self discovery using meditations, chants, energy and healing techniques to raise the vibrational frequency of the individuals. We aim to push the boundaries of conventional wisdom and see what becomes unearthed. Some of the topics, discussions and exercises already covered :

  • Clearing karma
  • Blocks from past lives
  • Cord cutting to people, events and trauma throughout our life
  • Clearing outmoded patterns that no longer serve us
  • How to energise and purify water,
  • Activating your higher chakras
  • Quick meditation techniques to get you into an alpha state
  • Balancing and realigning chakras
  • Raising levels of consciousness
  • Activation of one’s Merkaba (our spirit light body) Field
  • How to call upon ascended masters and archangels to assist us in areas of difficulty in our lives

After 5 years of running this group, I have taken the decision to stop holding the group to pursue other 'unworldly' topics for my own personal evolving path. I will, of course be happy to book individuals in for spiritual and healing sessions based on the needs of the person.

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